Friday, March 30, 2012


A very ambitious program, through which hope to change radically the western coastal zone of Thermaikos Gulf, implement the Development of Thessaloniki Prefecture "Aneth" and the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Islands.

Eco-hotels, restaurants, recreation areas and a series of mild activities are subsidized up to 60% in the first program «Leader» other mountain areas, which will result in a nearly inaccessible area of unique beauty, but to invest five million euros. The «Leader Fisheries" is the first program implemented in a coastal area and provides important support for the local income, stimulate entrepreneurship and also the emergence of a protected area, and extends to the shoreline three prefectures (Thessaloniki, Imathia, Pieria), covering the area from Alykes Kitrous Pieria to the French River. Fishermen ofelimenoi The first is the local fishermen who are able to establish small and micro businesses, or not related to fishing, which they will have the possibility of enhancing the personal income with an additional amount. He stressed that the Aneth, Aristides Arabatzis, "The program is aimed at private investors for upgrading or establishing new small businesses, such as agribusiness (extremely important for shellfish in the area), dining, recreation, tourism, etc., as just about the programs «Leader». With this program upgraded the site, attracts world and strengthen the individual and local income. " The area of intervention includes the local communities Sindou, Kalohori Chalastras, cumin and New Malgara (Delta City), the municipal community Wrench (Alexandria City) and the local communities Korinou (Municipality of Katerini) and Makrigialos, Methoni, New Agathoupoli and Pydna (Municipality of Pydna - Kolindros). In the immediate future as the Aneth Fisheries Local Action Group, in collaboration with Pieriki Development, Development and municipalities Imathia the region, will begin procedures widely publicized actions of the local program to the local population of the area prior to conducting the first to call for capital projects. Environment The program collects and positive response by the body managing the National Park Axios, which is the competent body to protect the coastal zone. The President of the Agency, Themistocles Kouimtzis, stated that "any intervention is authorized by the Agency to ensure that they will not been raised to the environment. The actions provided for serving the people, fit into the logic of tourism and also did not affect the area. These units will be tourist eco-hotels to small farms visited. The leisure and catering package will bring the world closer to the National Park and they will formalize and adapt rationally to as today's slums - restaurants. They came to terms not to make roads and parking, while the locations of the activities are specific. " subsidyalready provided six seats for dining, while, as pointed out by Director General of Aneth, Vassilis Papavassiliou, "we anticipate that total will be 60 investments (45 private and 15 public). The rates of assistance for business plans is 60% for fishermen and 55% for non-fishermen. " The program provides support and infrastructure (public investments through municipalities) to improve the quality of life. "The objectives are the strengthening the competitiveness and quality of the fishery products, alternative business and upgrading of infrastructure and services. In addition to forecasts for fishing, there are specific provisions for tourism, modernization of fishing ports and shelters, and even spatial - transnational partnerships with other coastal areas in ecotourism. The program starts to be implemented, "said Mr. Papavasiliou.

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